Chronicles: 2015 Spring


  • Participated in yearly Berkeley-Stanford Women in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering meetup! I gave a talk on my project, Motif (and also used this as a chance to practice my talk before CHI :P) It was great to get together with all the cool women who were there, but I am noticing that I know less and less people with each coming year because the people I know start graduating. T_T
  • Presented Motif at CHI 2015, which was in Seoul, Korea! Motif was one of the several papers from the Stanford Research group to receive an Honorable Mention award. Really proud of everyone!
  • My poster to Creativity & Cognition got in! I also ended up applying for and getting accepted to the Graduate Symposium sooooo I guess I’m working on pitching my thesis now.
  • My ICWSM submission didn’t get in, so I submitted it to CSCW instead! I tried to submit a more recent project to CSCW as well, but my results didn’t turn out well so that project ended up getting shelved for now.
  • Spun up a new project about how to support experiences of failure for creative novices! That will be the project my CURIS students and I will be working on this summer.
  • I completed the Machine Learning course on Coursera.


  • I made my first printsCatprint, the printing company I used, wants to feature me as an Artist of the Month, so in the near future, one of my prints will be sent out with every anime-related order they ship for one month!
  • My drawing frequency dropped a bit due to paper deadlines, but I still got some drawing done!
  • I wasn’t able to get into Fanime’s Artist Alley, so I registered to table at a few small conventions instead: CogsCon and Kinyoobicon.
  • CogsCon happened June 6, and it was my first time having a full table for myself! The Artist Alley was super dead for the first few hours, but got much busier during the second half of the day, during which I was able to make some good sales! It was good practice for larger cons, and both staff and attendees were super nice. I was sad when they announced this would probably be their last year.
  • Continuing my streak of putting out a Herogirl page once a week. I need to start writing the next chapter…
    • 4,311 unique users made 57,319 pageviews this quarter. I didn’t have any superstar comics this quarter that pulled a lot of people from one place, like last quarter.
    • People are viewing about 6 pages in 3 – 4 minutes per visit session
    • Bounce rate is about 60% overall
    • The most viewed comic is the first comic!
  • Started setting up a Storenvy store to sell leftover product online. It’ll open in the summer!


  • Travel: CHI was in Korea, so I took the chance to visit a bunch of family! Then, I spent about 10 days in Japan, sightseeing in Kyoto and Tokyo. AMAZING.
  • Attended Fanime 2015! It was fun seeing so many artists I met at AOD, and it was amazing how much more fun the Artist Alley was now that I know people! I bought too much stuff.
  • Books: Not a lot of reading this quarter. I read my first Terry Pratchett book, Small Gods.
  • Anime: Yuru Yuri (hilarious), Kiniro Mosaic (also hilarious), Shirobako (LOVED IT! Highly recommended to anyone who’s ever worked really hard to make anything), Yowamushi Pedal (got super repetitive but I COULD NOT STOP WATCHING IT)
  • Games: No games finished this quarter 🙁 I’m working very slowly through FFXII.

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