Chronicles: 2019 Summer


  • Finished up intern projects for the summer and submitted a few papers to CHI 2020.
  • I served as a guest judge for the final showcase for a design class at Berkeley! Super fun.
  • Attended the awards ceremony for the Adobe Research Fellowship and Adobe Women-in-Technology Scholarship! Congrats to all the winners!
  • A thing I worked on finally launched! Behance now has user livestreaming, and on some people’s streams, you can see an automatically generated set of chapters to help you navigate super-long stream video recordings!



  • I got engaged!
    • As part of our engagement date, we went The Game Parlour in SF and had fun trying a bunch of board games in their library! We ended up buying Dice Forge (you say it’s a crafting-based board game? Yes, please!)
  • As a small move to improve my mental health, I’m trying to reduce the amount of news I encounter through social media. Deleting Twitter isn’t super realistic because it’s a primary way I keep up with a lot of my art friends, so I went through an unfollowed a lot of accounts I know talk about news-related stuff. I need to build a new habit of reading the news regularly on purpose rather than just kind of encountering it throughout my day. We’ll see how this works out!
  • Had fun watching SGDQ 2019!
  • Visited Seattle at the end of September to hang out with family! I took my niece and nephew to the Living Computer Museum and the Seattle Art Museum. I highly recommend looking at art with young children (my niece had some A+ commentary).
  • Games: FFXIV Shadowbringers (SO GOOD. My fiance finally finished it a whole 2.5 months later, during which I was dying because I couldn’t chat about the story with him), Rune Factory 4 (finally beat it! Though I still haven’t managed to marry anyone in it because of the random event system :P), Earthbound (beat it! A wholesome story), Kingdom Hearts 3 (I’m still not sure what the story is, but I feel like I’ve fulfilled my promise to my 14 year old self to see this game series through at least this far), Untitled Goose Game (super fun, very mischievous)
    • FFXIV: Finished leveling my crafters to 80, finished leveling my Bard, and am nearly finished leveling my Astrologian! (Gotta get those optional role quests done for the extra story info!) I’m not sure how I feel about healing. I think I’ll stick with being a tank.
    • Heard that there is going to be a Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town remake for the Switch! I really hope it’s good!
    • Mobages: So much for trying to quit! Pokemon Masters came out (I found the gameplay a little boring though, so I might drop it for now and check again on it next year), and I’ve also been playing Ragnarok M like a madman. Dragalia Lost and Granblue Fantasy had updates to their story quests, so I caught up on those too.
  • Anime: Fruits Basket (remake)
  • Books: I… haven’t read any books these few months because I’ve been playing video games… 😛
  • Podcasts: Hello From the Magic Tavern (finally caught up!), The Adventure Zone: Amnesty

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